Standard Monuments

033 Fire Helmet Monument $4,500

The helmet monument is twice life size and is cast in bronze.  It is a striking sculpture with attention to details such as helmet stitching, brim scrollwork, and traditional eagle shield holder. In addition, we include a customized 12 inch front shield that will display your department logo or design.  The helmet will be hand finished, colored in brown patinas, and outfitted with two internal stainless steel pins that will attach to the top of your monument base.

Length:  26”
Width:  20”
Height: 14”
Average Weight: 100 Lbs

Estimated shipping cost will be provided.  Completion is about 10 weeks once the shield artwork is approved. 

*Monument shield plaques are available once the helmet monument is complete.  This is a great way to involve other engine houses in the monument and any member who may desire an authentic piece for their personal collection.  Item #033B

033A IAFF Helmet Monument $4,500

The Helmet is twice life size leather helmet cast in bronze.  It large size produces a notable impression and is a worthy addition to any Union hall or dedication area.  Each helmet is hand finished, and given a rich classic brown patina and the 12” shield is customized with your local number.

Length 26”
Width 20”
Height 14”
Average Weight: 100 pounds

*A portion of all IAFF sales are donated to the Burn Foundation